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Dear Homebuyers! It is still a buyers market! Buy Now!





      Dear Home buyers,

      Sure! I know that you are always hearing everywhere about how the real estate market is so bad-Don't believe everything that you hear or read -Seriously. Whether it is the news on television,radio,newspaper and magazines,words of some crazy old sleep deprived big mouth -Jim Cramer ( I really like the guy. But he needs to stick to stocks,bonds,mutual funds and IRA's and stay out of real estate )all you are hearing them say is don't buy. Even some real estate professionals are saying this is a bad market and discouraging some people from buying and/or selling their home-What? Are you kidding me? You can't be serious. 

      So home-buyers you want to know is this a bad market? It is a bad market -But not for you the home buyer. Buying a home now is like you opening a bank account with money already in it before you can make your first deposit into your bank account- It doesn't get better than that. It is a great market for ready,willing and able home buyers. I have to say that because everybody is not qualified and financially capable of taking on the responsibility of paying a mortgage and the other bills that comes along with a mortgage payment.Even Donald Trump said that he has made some of his best deals during a time when the real estate market is bad. Who else's mouth do you need to hear that this is a great time to buy before you decide whether you should buy a house now?

      So Home buyers let me give you reasons why you should buy a home now.

  • This is still a buyer's market - You control the market.
  • You have the power to write good offers NOT BAD OFFERS ( There is a difference ) and have it accepted by motivated home sellers.
  • There are still a lot of inventory currently available on the market for you to choose from.
  • Interest rates are still historically low.
  • Tax breaks. The U.S Tax Code lets you deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage,property taxes you pay,as well as some of the costs involved in buying your home.
  • Gains-Even though home value dropped around 6%,prior to that,home value has increased 88% the past ten years.
  • Equity-MONEY YOU PAY FOR RENT IS MONEY YOU CAN KISS GOODBYE FOREVER. Mortgage payments let you build equity ownership in your home. You can use that equity to start a business,pay off a bill,save for your children's  college fund,take a vacation or even buy another home. See what you can do when you build equity in your home.
  • Savings-Building equity in your home is a ready-made savings plan which already has deposited for you before you can even make a deposit into the savings plan. I bet you can't get that from any kind of investment. Also,you can generally take up to $250,000 ( $500,000 for a married couple )as gain without owing any federal income tax.
  • Predictability -Unlike rent,if you have a fixed rate mortgage-NOT ADJUSTABLE RATE,your mortgage payments don't go up over the years so your housing costs are may decline the longer you own your house. However,property taxes and insurance costs will rise.
  • Freedom - The house is yours. You can decorate the house the way you want and not worry about your landlord telling you what to do to your house.
  • Stability-Remaining in one neighborhood for several years give you the chance to participate in community activities,lets you and your family establish great friendships and gives your children the benefit of educational continuity.
  • There are still programs for first time home buyers such as CDA Loans and DC Bond Program ( Check your city and state for programs suitable for first time home buyers )

       And check out this homes that are currently still on the market for sale.

      Washington,DC  4 bedrooms,2 baths and a basement. Great for investors. Seller Offering Closing Cost help. $170,000. Similar homes in this area are selling for $200,00-$220,000. That's 30-50k below market value.

      Washington,DC $284,000- Great home. Priced to sell. 3 bedrooms w/2 baths near Langston golf course. FR off KIT,new tiles,windows,basement,BA,HWH,furnace,roof,counters,cabinets,smooth surface stove & flooring;hardwood floors;sitting rm off back BR.Skylight,ceramic tile,claw foottub & deck.

     Washington,DC $255,000 -Solid home at affordable price! Estate sale being sold as is. Great potential with this. 3 bedroom,2 full bath home with hardwood floors,natural woodwork,deck and patio. Located near 295 and other main roadways.

     Upper Marlboro,MD - Great starter home in a sought after community. This two bedroom,1 bath condo awaits your approval. Closing assistance and cosmetic allowance available. $215,000.


      So what are you still waiting for? Why haven't you brought your home yet? Hurry and buy now. These great deals won't last for long.

To receive a free list of "Houses for sale in Washington DC",please give me a call at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at 202-378-0283 ( Direct ) or ( 301 ) 560-6700 x1154 ( Office ). I can also be reached online on my websites and Thank you very much. Looking forward to helping you make your home purchase or sale a stress free and very happy one.Lanre Folayan - Real Estate Professional with Exit Premier Realty. "Buy and sell a home in Washington,DC"



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