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Home buyers-You got the Juice now!

Even before Google became known for its "Google Juice",GOOGLE JUICE FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS When I think of the word Juice,I think of the last scene of the Cult Classic movie Juice with the late Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps.  At the end of the movie after tupac falls off the roof and Q walks away,someone in the crowd says to him "you got the juice now man. What he is saying to Q played by Omar Epps of the TV Show "House" is "You got the power now". 



Home buyers you have the power to do a lot of things. As a home buyer here are some of the things that you are capable of doing when you buy a home:

  • Create jobs for people in other professions such as painters,contractors,cleaning companies,surveyor,and more.
  • Provide income for real estate agents,loan officers,home inspectors,appraisers,title companies,septic system inspectors so that they can provide for their family wants and needs.
  • Help lower condo association fees in certain subdivisions (Depending on where you brought the condo. Some condo delinquency rate are over 15%). Many PG County MD Condos on sale condo fees are ridiciously high. There are PG Condos for sale at $50,000 or less. But many of the condo fees are over $500.-THAT'S CRAZY! But the more home buyers buy a condo in a certain subdivision with a high delinquency rate,you can bring the condo delinquency rate below 15%-You never know.
  • Help stablize a community/subdivision/neighborhood. And remaining in one neighborhood will give you a chance to participate in community activities and let you and your family establish lasting friendships. This will make more home buyers want to buy a home in that subdivision. 
  • Help increase sales in home improvements stores such as Home Depot,Lowes,ACE Hardware and other local home improvement stores.
These are some of the things you are capable of doing as a home buyer. So if you are a home buyer looking to buy a house on sale,don't just think about what it will do for you,but also think about what kind of impact you will have on other people's lives as well. There is no better time to buy a house right now than the spring selling season. So if you are ready to buy a house in Washington DC or Maryland please don't hesitate to give me a call. Happy Home buying everyone.

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Home buyers-You got the Juice now!
Even before Google became known for its " Google Juice" W hen I think of the word Juice, I think of the last scene of the Cult Classic movie Juice with the late Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps. At the end of the movie after tupac… more