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What are your daily affirmations?

      What are your daily affirmations? What is a affirmation? Affirmations are short,positive,present tense statements that define a state of being or a desired result. Repetitive exposure to an an affirmation builds belief. This year I am doing it more now.

       Throughout history great avatars,leaders and achievers have harmoniously trumpeted one pointed fact of reality concerning human accomplishment that is irrevocable. You are what you think about,you become what you conceive in your mind. If you can believe it,you can achieve it.

      Someone told me about Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich",( I haven't read the book yet but I plan on doing so soon ). He said that "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe,the mind can achieve". Like they say,"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he."


      I always listen to a CD by Steve Morris-Founder and C.E.O of Exit Realty. It has been very helpful for me. But here are some of my daily affirmations:

1. Failure is a way for me to modify my approach that I can achieve success.

2. Nothing is impossible to accomplish if you believe that you can do it.

3. I am a champion.

4. I am a leader.

5. I am a winner because I am winning.

6. I am a multi-billion top producing real estate professional.

7. I will live and not die.

8. I am a overcomer.

9, I am going to live my best life now starting today.

10. If I fail to plan,I plan to fail.

11. Lord I pray that you decrease me so that you can increase me.

This one is more like a question to myself

12. ***What I am doing everyday to make my business "bigger and better?"***

13. I have a will to win everyday.

14. There is a King in me.

These are just some of my daily affirmations.

     If you don't have one,I advise you to please make one and practice it daily. Once you start doing it daily,it suddenly becomes programmed in your mind. I have failed at many things,I am sure we all have. BUT I WILL NEVER ACCEPT FAILURE.  If you have any daily affirmations,please feel free to share it with me.

     And here is a video that I found on Youtube that I will like to share with you. Hope you find it inspiring like I did.


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