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Woodbridge VA "Outside the box" Lender meets the The Real Estate Farmer-Active Rain Meet-up Video. Three weeks ago to be exact today I finally got to meet one of my many favorite people here on Active Rain Your Local Woodbridge VA Lender who always bring you the Woodbridge VA Mortgage News Markita Aldridge-Woods. I had to meet up with her since I felt bad not making it to the Active Rain Meetup in VA. I also felt bad that I didn't get to  meet people that I wanted to meet up with at Raincamp DC last June such asCindy Jones, Fernando Herboso,Peggy Jamesand Justin Dibbs. I met Pat Kennedy and Brian Block at Raincamp DC last year but I definitely wanted to meet them again. And I can't and definitely won't forget some of my many favorite VA connects such as Karen Kruschka, Susan Haughton, Tamara Inzunza, Kaera Mims and Lorinda Ward


Markita Aldridge-Woods along with me,James Jones(He is not the one that play with my Miami Heat-LOL) and Cassandra Smith. Found out that Mrs.Aldridge-Woods is a comedian-LOL. And she is a Detroit Lions Fan-BOO! Just kidding. My San Franscisco 49ers are 3-1 (Still don't have faith in Quarterback Alex Smith-Sorry Niners Nation). Anyway we met up at a Largo MD Restaurant. The restaurant that we had our Power Lunch at should thank me and Markita for not writing no reviews on their restaurant and services. Did their services and food suck?YELP! Trying to increase our blood pressure. Too late to try and fill that position. Bank of America and Wells Fargo just to name a few have already filled that position. And what's up with the waiter? Wiith our Klout Scores,Active Rainmaker Status and us being Internet Savvy,we would've probably put them out of business with our reviews. But we are not going to do that. That's not how we get down.


But on a serious note after it was over,guess what we did? If you guessed Video. YELP! You are right. But sorry you don't get no prize. Anyway we did a Short Video. Markita Aldridge-Woods makes a lot of good videos. And we talked a while ago on the telephone about making one when we finally get the chance to meet up. So here it is. And no I wasn't about to burst a freestyle Yo!-Just kidding. But for some reason it looks like it in the Video. Anyway here it is people. Like Terrell Owens use to say "Get your Popcorn ready". THE WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO OF YOURS TRULY ME Lanre Folayan"The Real Estate Farmer" and Woodbridge VA "Outside the Box Lender "Markita Aldridge-Woods. INTRO VIDEO. HOLLYWOOD HERE WE COME. And the short video Oscar goes to..........



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Woodbridge VA "Outside the box" Lender meets the The Real Estate Farmer -ActiveRain Meet-up Video Three weeks ago to be exact today I finally got to meet one of my many favorite people here on ActiveRain Your Local Woodbridge VA Lender… more
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