Things to do in Washington DC: Home Staging Tips-The Season's Almost Over-Time to Make Your Move!

Home Staging Tips-The Season's Almost Over-Time to Make Your Move!

Looking to sell your house in Washington DC or even Bowie MD,Upper Marlboro MD or even Fort Washington MD,you definitely want to hire a professional home stager who will make the house appealing to ready,willing and able home buyers who are looking to buy a home for sale in Washington DC or other areas in Prince George's County MD,Montgomery County MD and Charles County MD.


Well written blog by Palm Beach County FL Home Stager Kathy Streib that should be very helpful to home owners who are looking to sell their house now. Thank you very much for sharing Kathy.

Home Staging Tips- The Season’s Almost Over-Time to Make Your Move!

We may not experience all of the seasons that our neighbors to the north have, home staging- what are you ready forhowever, if you live in Palm Beach County, then you know that we do have “The Season.”

And our Season will soon be ending…. the snowbirds will head back to their homes up north.  

If you have been thinking of selling your home, there’s still time to take advantage of the extra seasonal traffic.  Some already own homes here and may be thinking of making a change.  And others, having experienced all that South Florida has to offer, may be interested in buying a more permanent residence.

Here are 5  tips to get you started. (Click here for more Home Staging Tips!)

1.Hire the local real estate expert for your area. You’ll want someone who knows your community and what is selling.  

You’ll want someone who is proactive in their marketing efforts for you.

You’ll want an agent who will tell you the way it is, and NOT what they think you want to hear.

home staging- bathroom accessory2.Evaluate  your property, then do what you can to get it as close to move-in ready condition as you can.

Your agent may recommend a pre-listing inspection.

Hire a professional Home Stager to help show you what you can do to show  your buyers the possibilities of your house.

3.Start editing. There are many reasons to do this now.  

Most of us have too much of everything we have.  It eats up square footage and to the buyer it can prevent them from seeing your space.

Most movers charge by the weight.  And even if you’re just moving across town, why box up and lug things you’re just going to toss after you move?

4.Consider updating what’s past its time.

Don’t look so innocent!  The wallpaper that’s been there for 20 years, the light fixtures that scream “builder basic” and those vertical blinds so popular in Florida back in the 80’s need to go.

The “won’t the buyer want to pick out their own (fill in the blank) excuse doesn’t work anymore.  Most buyers today can’t see past what’s there.  

5.Finally fix or repair what you’ve been putting off.

Everything you don’t fix or repair takes the offering price down a notch or two, and that’s IF the buyer wants to make an offer.

Some buyers don’t have the time, desire or budget to buy, move in and then start repairing and remodeling.

The season’s almost over but there’s still time to make your move!  Before you list your home, follow the 5 tips listed above.

 Kathy Streib 

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Great tips for referring back to.  I especially like number 1. lol.

Posted by Jason Bechtold, Realtor in Maricopa, AZ (The Maricopa Real Estate Company) over 3 years ago